Open stage in Appingedam

XI International Shanty Festival "Bie Daip"
Wieści Kamil Piotrowski 15 sierpnia 2012

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Shanties singing! Are you (and your friends) sing shanties, seasongs or play maritime folk? And you have always wanted to sing at an international shanty festival? And your group is not large, love singing, want to visit and spend wonderfull time in small city in the Netherland? Come to Appingedam this year.

The "Bie Daip" Festival organizers have announced very interesting information. As we read in the mail there is a chance to sing at International Shanty Festival "Bie Daip" in Appingedam, north-east part of Netherland (close to Groningen). Shantylovers, seasongs singers, folk artists who wants to take part in very interesting and very maritime festival should send application very quick.

Janneke Woldhuis, director of the festival, has informed us that this year will exist "open stage" for groups, artists, singers who would like to present themselves during the 11th edition of the "Bie Daip Festival". The stage will be situated in the City Museum Appingedam.

Janneke told us that:

- "On Saturday 25 August from 15:00 to 17:00 and/or Sunday, August 26 from 14:00 to 16:00 you could sing shanties or play folk music there. Depending on the number of applicants get a certain period of time will be assigned to them. Let's assume that at least 3 shanties may be sung. And first come, first served."

In application you should write how many people your group consist of, website address and information about who you are and what will you sing. Would be fine if you will attach any photos, links to your performances (youtube e.g. or just mp3's) if possible. After that you should wait for a confirmation from the festival organizers.

- "We can offer to you food and our help with booking accomodation in Wirdum (5 km from Appingedam)" - explains Janneke

So, if you are interested in this offer don't waste your time, send your application as soon as possible to:


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